Questions I don’t know the answers to

The First of many things I don’t know.Terri Schiavo.

In lieu of a living will, this is extraordinarily difficult. I don’t know what I would do if she were my wife or child or other loved one. My gut tells me that there is some level of awareness, and that awareness would scream at me if I were slowly starving to death. That seems cruel. Almost to the point of removing the feeding tube and inserting a needle to finish it cruel. If you’re going to remove the feeding tube, condemning her to a certain death, why not finish the job?

I just don’t know what to do, but my heart goes out to those making that decision.

A friend last night indicated that “They murdered her”. While I take issue with the Fox News type of simplification, he may be onto something. Starvation is a brutal way to die. We wouldn’t do that to a dog.

Should congress have gotten involved in trying to stop this individuals death? No. Was this anyone’s business but the family’s? No.

I just don’t know what the answer to this was.

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