Overheard At Our House

Oldest son, who has this really bad habit of staying up late and playing all the requisite games to do so:

“So I was reading my puberty book, and I’ve gotta ask – what’s the deal with oral sex? That’s nasty”

Mom’s response:

“I got nothing”

Dad’s first thought:


Dad’s answer:

“It’s a type of intercourse that some people enjoy”

Oldest son:

“Have you ever done it?”

Memo to self: remove puberty book from son’s room

“And what is anal sex?”

Memo to self 2: teach son about not being so inquiitive

Son one last time (after the required clinical explanation):

Doesn’t it hurt?


I don’t know son – I imagine so.


Mom, do you know?

Memo to self 3: Brace yourself for the next 5-6 years

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