Birthday at Our House!

Scott turned 9 yesterday.

It’s been a tough year for him.  I would have once said that if he could give it back he would, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case anymore.

He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes back in March. He’s been very fortunate, in that there have been no real adverse effects – he’s been healthy since his diagnosis.

Everyone comments how impressed they are with how well he’s handling the disease, and they’re right.  His mom and I decided early on that this would become a part of our lives, but that it would not define us as a family, or Scott as a person. 

That was a wrong assumption, as it HAS defined Scott as a person, and it’s made him a better person than before.  Prior to diabetes, he was the classic “middle child” – sort of lost in the mix of an older brother who is very creative with a strong personality, and the “baby” brother.  He got a video camera for his birthday, and he’s already talking about making a diabetes video.  When he got back from Camp Seagull, he mentioned that maybe he could be a camp counselor for diabetic kids when he gets older.

Prior to diagnosis, he was busily following in his big brother’s footsteps, into whatever mischief (if by mischief you mean destruction) they could get into.  That’s still there, but there is a maturity that comes with his disease that he did not have before, and I’m not sure would have come without the diabetes.

It’s said that a person with diabetes (or their parents) cannot go more than 2 hours without having to make a diabetes related decision.  We can attest to that.  We’re counting carbs (I knew that attempt at the Atkins diet would pay off someday – certainly not in my permanent weight loss), fighting with the insurance company, and giving him at least 4 shots a day.  We play the “What’s Scotty’s Blood Glucose” game every time he checks his sugar.  We don’t get chocolate fudge pop tarts for breakfast anymore.

I’m thankful for many things related to this change in our lives – I was proud of my funny, handsome, sweet 8 year old.  I’m even prouder of my funny, handsome, sweet diabetic 9 year old.

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