Summer Musings and Attempts to Be Clever

There are so many things to blog about, and so many things that I cannot.

  • We took Brad to camp this past weekend.  An attempt to Mapquest the route reads “Drive to the middle of nowhere. Go 30 miles past that.’  The first place we stopped very peaceful, until we heard the distant call of banjo music and pig squealing.  Being good parents, we did not leave him there.  When we finally arrived, the camp was a really nice place on the New River, and he will be spending the first week rock climbing, spelunking (insert your own joke here), and living in a tent from the Korean War.  Not exactly my cup of tea, but he will love it.  Search teams are on call.  See you on CNN.
  • My parents are moving out of their home of the past 21 years, a home that was my grandparent’s home for the 45 years prior.  While one would assume that everyone is sad about selling the family home, we’re all too busy wanting to kill each other.  My parents, bless their hearts, think that because all of their children and grandchildren live in the triangle, we can do this like a move out of the fraternity house – “Let’s get the pledges to do all the heavy lifting – and let’s get them to pick up some food too”  The past month of Saturdays have been spent throwing away, packing, and arguing.  It’ll be a real shame when they finally get moved, and Mom throws Dad out.
  • We did get to go to the beach for almost a week with the in-laws.  We had a nice time, with the exception of our dining experience at the Channel Marker.  For further details about the week, see the second half of my introduction above.

2 thoughts on “Summer Musings and Attempts to Be Clever”

  1. Other than the lame in-law jokes, not much. I’m blessed with great in-laws, but like any parents, they can do things that make you laugh, that make you roll your eyes, and things that make you beat your head against the wall.

    Sadly, as my mother in law is a reader, I’ll leave the details of that week unsaid…

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