Stuff I Laughed at This Weekend….

…cause if you can’t be funny, why not link to stuff that is…

Saturday Night Live was not spectacular, but it did have some solid highlights, from Tina Fey (across the board – nearly everything she did was funny) to Mike Huckabee on Weekend Update.  Sadly, Adam Samberg’s Digital Short was not that funny – it fell into the “Cats with Lasers” category.  This was the highlight, though:

(This is from – the Fox/NBC site that shows what a TV “new media” website should be.  I’ve got some invites to the private beta if you email me.)

Also, after the Oscars (Jon Stewart – great, most everything else blech), Jimmy Kimmel posted his response to the viral video from a few months ago by Sarah Silverman. It is here, with a recap of the first video:


And just for good measure, the original Sarah Silverman video:


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