Filling in the Holes…

When Brad was young, he used to love to dig holes in the ground.  Just random holes.  They would appear with no notice, and the dirt that came out of them would disappear with the same sense of mystery.  It was as if the surrounding earth absorbed it – it ceased to be.

As the years have passed, those holes have begun to fill themselves in, much as Brad’s personality and maturity has grown and filled in.  We still have our struggles, and will continue to do so (he and I share way too many attributes for us to not battle some – it is a long family tradition), but I am very proud of the person he is becoming and look forward to knowing the person he will be.

A perfect example of this happened yesterday.  We were at Camp Cheerio, dropping off Jay (our youngest) for his first time at sleep-away camp.  Brad was already there, as he had been at the Camp Cheerio Extreme the week before and was going to spend a some time at Camp Cheerio proper.  A clerical error had placed Brad in a cabin full of 12 year old 7th graders, instead of the older boys he should have been with.  This normally would not have been a crisis, except that he has to live with one of those creatures, and the prospect of 10 of them for a week was more than he could stand.  The camp director quickly solved the problem, moving Brad to a more appropriate spot.

His mother and I were standing on the other side of the gym, dealing with something for our youngest, when Anne looked over and saw Brad walk up to the camp director, shake his hand, and thank him for taking care of the problem.

I miss the holes, but am looking forward to the filling in.

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