Las Vegas


Wednesday, April 11

The flights from Hell started just as expected on Wednesday morning.  As soon as I passed through security (are they no longer checking Cpaps?) I got a call from American announcing that the flight was delayed by an hour and a half, and that our connection has been changed to a later flight.  Mike and I hung out in the Admiral’s Lounge until the departure.  I was upgraded to first class for this leg, so I got to ride with Mike.  Good lunch.

We arrived in Las Vegas in the late afternoon, went to the room, unpacked quickly, and went downstairs.  Mike said that the waitress wasn’t going to be very attentive, so we needed to play some video poker to get a drink.  We then moved to the blackjack table, and Mikey was wrong.  The most attentive wait girl ever – there were times we had 2 drinks on the table at one time.

We had reservations at 7:30 for craftsteak in the Hotel which we were obviously not going to make.  I called and moved the reservation to 8:30.  Blackjack and Vodka Tonics continued, and 8:30 came and went.  At about 11:00 or so, we called it quits and stumbled to the bathroom.  Had an amazing burger at Wolfgang Puck’s Bar and Grill in the Hotel.  Being drunk, we both ordered the bartender’s suggestion of “Grilled Prime Burger, Vermont Cheddar, Smoked Onion Marmalade, French Fries…17”.  The onion marmalade was awesome.  I went to bed at about 2, and Mike followed somewhat later.

Thursday, April 12

I was up much earlier than Mike, so I went and played Blackjack for a while and met some folks from Colfax, NC, and a dealer who lived in Raleigh for a year.  I then walked down the strip for a while and came back to the hotel.  Mike and I had Sushi in the hotel and walked over to the Excalibur, which was like if the North Carolina State Fair had a casino.  We chilled waiting for Doug and Trevor to arrive.  Once they arrived, we went up to the Bellagio to see the Fountain show (The song from Titanic – Blech) and wandered over to Caesars Palace.  While standing outside Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, we decide we were hungry and ready to go in.  Doug whined that it seemed awfully expensive, and we ended up at Munchies.  Sliders.  Meh.  We did get to watch the “hotties” go into the new club at Caesars.  We left there to see the Imperial Palace, with their Dealertainers.  It was a dump.

Friday, April 13

The day that Trevor and I took over…

Having screwed around for too long without a plan, Trevor and I took over to make some plans.  We debated between Zumanity, the Cirque Du Soleil sexuality show, and Love, the Beatles show.  Since Doug was a big Beatles fan, we went that way.  The other three went on their helicopter ride, and I was charged with planning dinner.  I warned them that it was going to be expensive, and was told to go ahead.

I booked Carnevino, Mario Batali’s steakhouse in the Pallazzo.  A fine meal at last!

The meal started with an amuse bouche – a cheese puff that had a strong cheese flavor that was wonderful.

Then the bread was brought out with the house made butter, and Lardo.  Holy lord what an innovation Lardo is.  It is, as best as I can figure, rendered fatback with herbs and salt.  It was spreadable on the bread and wonderfully good.

We ordered 2 appetizers – the Carne Cruda Alla Piemontese – Chopped to order Steak Tartare


and Zach’s Chopped Salad, which had the most amazing parmesan cheese shavings


Doug ordered a filet and Mike got the Lamb chops


Trevor and I split the Dry Aged Bone In Rib-Eye for 2.  It was wheeled out to the table and carved by a tall blonde who presented us with two plates “Would you like some olive oil and salt on it” – um, why yes thank you…


It was awesome!  I asked the carver if it would be inappropriate if I picked up the bone to gnaw on it – she indicated that it would be inappropriate to not pick it up, so…


We walked over to the Mirage and saw Love, which was a psychedelic tribute to the Beatles. The sound was awesome!

Saturday, April 14

The day we saw all of the Strip.

Mike had never seen the Venetian, so we set out on an adventure and started to walk.  and walk.  We stopped mid way for a beer at The Rockhouse Bar and Nightclub right in front of the Imperial Palace – home of the 88 oz Beer Guitar!  Continuing to the Venetian for lunch and tequilla shots.  From there we caught a cab to the Stratosphere and up to the lounge for really really bad martinis.  Yuck.  Unfortunately, Mike liked them a bunch, and that began Mike’s evening of drunken craps, La Reve, and more Craps.

Mike and I were in the casino – he was shooting craps and Doug and Trevor were up in the room.  It was getting late, and when we walked out to the lobby, the cab line was a disaster.  There was no way we could make it to The Wynn in time for the show.  Mike stepped up with his craps table winnings and paid for the car to the Wynn.  While we were in there, the radio went crazy with panic over the lack of cabs.


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